Our company

Being an affiliate of OOS International, OOS Safety & Inspections has built up an impressive track record with providing safety and inspection services to the OOS fleet of heavy lift and accommodation vessels for many years now. Services provided range from inspection of safety equipment to creating safety plans. OOS Safety & Inspections is now taking this knowledge and experience to the market.

Through our branches in Brazil, Mexico, and the Netherlands, we offer inspection, testing, repair, and certification services for an extensive range of safety and fire-fighting equipment, as well as instruments on board of commercial vessels and offshore installations, at sea or in any port worldwide. With our complete range of services and products, we have everything in hand to fully unburden you of on-board safety issues. So you can fully focus on your own business activities.

Valuable relationships

Working with OOS Safety & Inspection not only means you can rely on our knowledge, experience, and proven working methods. Being part of the OOS International Group means we work fully compliant with the OOS International routine. We work with short lines, high flexibility, and with a down to earth mentality. As a genuine family-owned company, our highly experienced staff and excellent customer service are based on full commitment, honesty, fair business practices, and integrity. A continuous development of manpower and long-term objectives result in valuable relationships.


In order to be at your service fully equipped, our skilled engineers work together with an extensive international network of renowned, certified, and class-approved partners.